Authoress K.S. Oliver     

  Uniquely Made for Greatness....

Dedicated to Ajmal "AJ' Acklin   Rest In Peace 01-05-95 ------12-27-06

Missing my Angel


It’s been five years and seems like yesterday
I remember the call you could hear a pin drop I didn't know what to say

I was hurt and relieved both at the same time
I can now say I fully understand your pain it’s the same as mine

Sleepless nights and long painful days
Trying to cope with the everything, everyone deals in different ways

Some days are harder than others oh trust me I understand
I wish you and your expertise were here just to hold my hand

Me needing my baby brother for advice who would have thought
Cancer thought it had you but you never gave up you fought

Lupus thinks it has me but I’ll tell you what I'm going to do
I'm not going out without a fight just like you know who

Your strength and courage is why I fight back
I have 2 children depending on me no time to slack

Snowman is what we called you I remember those days
My children remind me of you in so many ways

Fevers, pain and docs always poking at me
You were mean as hell but why I can see

Gone but not forgotten oh this is so true
I know there is an angel watching me and it’s you

Whenever I'm tired and feel like giving up I think of you
I stop and ask myself what would Ajmal do? (© 2013 K.S.Oliver)