Authoress K.S. Oliver     

  Uniquely Made for Greatness....

Kwan is  15 years old.
He was born March 30, 2005 in Atlanta, Ga.  Kwan loves to read a good book and isn't a stranger to writing either. Kwan is an honor student and a great big brother. He enjoys sports such as football, basketball, MMA, gymnastics and wrestling. He plans to be a Rheumatologist and find the cure for Lupus.

Shaun is 10 years old .
Shaun was born July 22, 2009 in Lakenheath England. He moved to the United States with his mother in 2011 following her Lupus diagnosis.  They moved to Ga where they have family. Shaun enjoys reading and writing. He also enjoys gymnastics, basketball and football just like his older brother Kwan. Shaun just released his first children's book alone titled When I grow up.... When Shaun grows up he wants to be a Doctor!

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