Authoress K.S. Oliver     

  Uniquely Made for Greatness....




Vintage is still fighting to come to terms with the murders of her parents during what appeared to be a home invasion. With years past and her father once known as one of Miami's most infamous kingpins, the case turns cold leaving a trail of enemies as suspects. Longing for answers, twenty-two-year-old Vintage focuses on the clothing boutique, her mother left behind. Her mother's teachings of morals and values solidifies Vintage's virginity for that special someone, that is until she meets the sexy, mysterious Stone Phillips. Wondering if she's finally meet "The Right One" and things finally starting to fall into place for Vintage, a sudden break in the bliss brings things tumbling down around her, when Sage, Vintage's younger sibling and total opposite becomes the target of an unknown enemy's wrath. Could Sage have played the wrong man's heart? Or is there Something more sinister at play?

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