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Twice the Pain: Unknowingly the Mistress is a tainted love story told from the lips of all the lovers involved. Keith Bates, hot-shot business man with the plan has the perfect life, according to those on the outside looking in. However, everything isn?t peaches and cream at the Bates estate. Being married to Keith was supposed to be the icing on the cake after finishing law school and landing a job at one of the most prestigious firms in the country. But ten years into their marriage, things aren?t going so well. Antonia decides to trust her gut and go looking for the dirt, and she found it in the name of Valerie Watts. What?s done in the dark always comes to light and like the old saying says, be careful what you go looking for. Antonia was devastated to discover that her husband had been living a double life, the majority of their marriage. Not only was he the head of two households but Keith had fathered a child with the woman as well. Refusing to give up on what she called her good thing, Antonia forces her way into Valerie?s life and refuses to leave her alone until she respects her marriage and vows with Keith. Keith is torn in between the two and doesn?t know what to do, loving both women came so easy. Antonia is determined to preserve her marriage. She rather chase Valerie away than watch her husband choose another woman over her even if it means giving up everything she has worked for. Valerie is confident that she will have the last laugh in the end, nothing or no one can keep her from Keith or the revenge she would reign on them both. Keith lives to regret the nights he opened up to Valerie about the issues he was having at home. It comes back to bite him. But not before Antonia tells Valerie a thing or two about herself that only Keith knows. In this riveting novel of love, lust and lies, who will Keith end up with or will they both walk away?

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