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Worth More Than A Million


"Who would be stupid enough to take my family?" were the words bad boy and acclaimed street king Dallas Daniel Jameson, Jr. repeated to himself over? and over again. After being set up and betrayed by? the mother of his 9 month old son , Dallas is forced to decide between the future of his namesake or letting a greedy bitch come for everything he has built. With the firing of his pistols, that decision was made , leading Dallas into an entire new life. Reaching out to a long time partner in crime and friend of his father-- Big D, a street mongul and VIP leveled hitman-- Dallas soon finds a new life when he marries childhood friend Armani Gordon. Marital bliss soon ends when Dallas' demons come calling and takes his family. They say The best things in life are free, but what happens when the price of 1 million dollars decides the fate of those you love?

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