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Life is never what you may expect; as told in the real life love story of Finesse and Jenay, who meet one fateful day at the tender age of 14. The young lovers fell head over heels for one another. Some may call it love at first sight, and others a teenage crush, but to Finesse and Jenay it was beyond what anyone else could see. Like any couple their relationship had its ins and outs, as well as its ups and downs, but with a bond as strong as theirs nothing, or nobody could come between them. No matter what, they always seemed to mend what was broken and bounce back.


Finesse’s love for Jenay would ultimately be tested the day that he was scheduled to leave for military school. The thought of them being apart would deem more than what Jenay could handle in the end. Finesse decided that it was time to wholeheartedly pledge and vow his love to Jenay by proposing while he was still in Military school. Newly engaged, everything seemed to have finally fallen into place for them. Jenay knew that she would have her dream wedding, but most of all she would have the man she wanted to spend the rest her life with forever. However, life seemed to have other plans for Jenay, because on a cold winter night she would learn that the man she had planned to spend the rest of her life with had been taken away from her due to a senseless act of gun violence. As the investigation unfolds lies are uncovered. Betrayal becomes a clear motive for murder and those who Finesse trusted as friends may have really been his enemies…

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