Authoress K.S. Oliver     

  Uniquely Made for Greatness....




Kaylah “Kasual” Sanchez has dreams of becoming a District Attorney. She attends college studying law by day to help make her dreams come true. Things seemed to be going great for Kaylah until tragedy strikes and she learns that her mother has passed away.

With her mother being the reason behind her education, she decides to keep her promise and continue to attend law school, but reality sets in and she is barely making ends meet. She decides that becoming a phone sex operator would help relieve her financial stress. Graduating from the phone side of things to the web world, she earns herself the nickname ‘Kasual’.

With her life back on track and a for sure plan set in motion, things come to an unexpected halt when she meets DeVonte D'mere. Not realizing that he is one of her biggest clients, she is confronted with the truth during a Kasual session when DeVonte appears on the other side of her computer screen.

With the truth finally at bay and her time in law school limited, due to her extracurricular activities, will Kaylah give up on her dreams and break her promise to her mother, or will she sacrifice all she has gained for love?

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