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About KS:

Introducing Authoress K. S. Oliver

New York born but Georgia –raised, serial entrepreneur K.S. Oliver has raised the bar as wife and mother, to becoming a best-selling author, highly sought motivational speaker, poet, and model. As the eldest of 11, she leads a blazing trail that many have been inspired by. Highly educated, K.S completed her career training in Medical Billing and Coding from the Georgia Medical Institute in 2005. Quickly following that, she added a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a minor in Criminal Justice in 2011 from Colorado Technical College. However, she was not satisfied, she continued to further her education by also obtaining a Masters in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical College. Since then, she’s been moving forward with building a unique and touching legacy.

On May 20, 2010, life hit her hard, when she was diagnosed with SLE, better known as Lupus, following the birth of her second child. Subsequently, she was also diagnosed with Discoid Lupus (Skin Lupus), Fibromyalgia, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Hypotension, Hypo thyroids, Cricoarytenoiditis, and Severe depression. At the young age of 25, K.S. found herself facing a myriad of health issues but she had to make a choice; either she was going to allow her health to consume her or she was going to fight for her life. She made the choice to fight; to fight for the life she and her family deserved to enjoy. Not knowing at time but the choice she made that day soon turned into her life mantra “I have Lupus. Lupus does not have me.” The mantra meaning that although she may have Lupus it’s not going to stop her from living her life and choosing to share her message with the world.

​Refusing to give up, she instead allowed her life story and journey to inspire others, by penning two books of poetry, Still Standing and Affectionately 360, as a way of building a connection for LUPUS survivors; one Lupie to another. Her goal was to share her story in a way to help others to understand the emotions and trials that a person living with Lupus have to endure. Her books are poetic gems that are touching for patients of any kind, but they also speak to the hearts of any individual reads them, which allowed her to be awarded as POET of the Year in 2013, which highlighted her outstanding contributions to field of poetry.

​Three years after receiving her life changing diagnoses, K. S. debuted her first novel, FLATLINED: Almost Doesn’t Count. A story inspired by her strong desire to stand in her truth. Taking a leap of faith, FLATLINED was ceremoniously released on the 4th year anniversary of her diagnosis, after receiving many accolades after the release of her poetry books.

​In addition to her success as a published author, K. S. Oliver, has continued to spread her wings and create a legacy that will share among generations to come. As a serial entrepreneur, K.S Oliver, is the owner of several small businesses, which includes her first business entity, Events by Ebonee’, an event planning company. Taking her love for literacy and passion for entrepreneurship she launched, Diamante’ Publications, an independent boutique publishing company she launched alongside her husband in 2014. Since then, her light has continued to shine bright as she continued to the hearts and minds of readers in the literary community.

Although her life journey has been garnered with much success and accomplishments, her greatest achievement is centered on her three children, two sons, Sha’ Kwan and K’Shaun, and a beautiful princess, Mira, her miracle baby. As a mother she has always worked hard to incorporate her love for literacy and business, in the lives of her children. In 2013, her sons released their first book, “Through Our Eyes, a glimpse into the life of a Lupie kid.

Through every passing year, K. S. Oliver, continues to find more innovative ways to touch the masses through her story of strengthen and resilience, that you can also overcome whatever is they face. She connects to her readers via interviews, book signings, author meet and greets, modeling opportunities. She enjoys networking and connecting with people from all walks of life. Her desire is to be able to increase LUPUS awareness and expand her love for helping others. With God’s amazing grace, he has spared her from death more times then she can count, which let her knows that she still has work to do and lives to changes. Through her life she will continue to give him all of the glory for he is the only reason she is still here.